Top 25 Websites for Preparing for General Knowledge Quiz

   The Top 25 Websites for Preparing for General Knowledge Quiz.



General knowledge is common knowledge of various things compared to the comprehensive knowledge of a specific subject. Having a good grip of general knowledge leads you towards success in every field of your life.

Building a strong base of common knowledge would help you to excel in your career and maintain good economic and health welfare, personal growth, and kinships.

However, you can possess a piece of extensive knowledge in some subjects, but you probably don't have an idea about the things happening around you. Every one of us has some degree of knowledge; some have more, while others have less.

The arena of general knowledge is so vast that it does not bound to a particular subject. It comprises an array of diverse topics, but few core general knowledge subjects are as under:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Science
  • Sport
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Culture and Art
  • Current Affairs
  • Media & Entertainment

Having a little bit of knowledge of all these subjects is required to make you a well-rounded and well-learned individual. This will ensure constant growth in your career, groom your personality and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can participate in lively discussions with either of your mates or any other big personality who have vast exposure to all fields’ categories above.

Are you deprived of some precious knowledge? Do you want to learn something new and valuable daily? Do you want to make yourself competitive in an era of diverse competition? Then acquiring the knowledge in a short possible way is essential. This can be done by taking various online general knowledge quiz tests.

In this digital era, it has become challenging to gather knowledge from conventional mediums such as television, newspapers, books, etc. They do provide knowledge but are not as efficient as the internet does.

E-commerce websites providing a common knowledge

If you want to expand the spectrum of your general knowledge and prepare yourself to accept the challenges of this developing world, skim through the top 25 websites I have listed below.   

  1. WikiWand

It is a new interface of Wikipedia that can be downloaded on Android and Windows/ Mac.

  1. University of reddits

A website where reddits will teach you and serve you in providing the most valuable information and knowledge that you want.

  1. Quora

A place where questions are asked, answered, amended, and arranged by the community of its users. It includes people from different sectors participating in question-answer sessions.

  1. Ted Ed

It ensures you avail the services of experts in their respective fields in the form of short educational videos. It's a library providing you a chance to access almost every subject in detail with no restriction on age. Children can also take advantage of this website.

  1. Socratic

An Educational question-answer website where you can find answers from the community of talented and experienced teachers worldwide.

  1. Mental Floss

This website allows you to test your knowledge by taking general knowledge quizzes and brainstorming games. It also gives information related to science, history, and entertainment with astonishing facts.

  1. Brainpump

The site where you will find several entertaining videos that cover various topics appearing in any general knowledge quiz.

  1. Crash course

A remarkably distinctive YouTube channel provides videos of a crash course on various topics like Organic Chemistry, European History, Economics, Physics, Engineering, Literature, World Mythology, Statistics, Sociology, Psychology, and much more.

  1. Britannica

It is the world's largest encyclopedia of general knowledge providing you with information about every topic.

  1. Listenable

You can now listen to short audio clips of courses and learn something new while doing other work.

  1.  sporcle.com

It is the world's largest trivia quiz website, allowing you to check your knowledge on every topic and subject.

  1. howstuffworks.com 

It is an educational website that helps you to get guidance in every subject.

  1. Encyclopedia.com 

We no longer need an old-fashioned encyclopedia with the advent of its online version. It collects information from trustworthy publishers of more than 200 encyclopedias.

  1. instanerd.me 

You can improve your general knowledge in a quick and fun way. When you press the start button on the home page, you will be given short information about any random topic. If you are interested in reading it further, you can click on show more.

Information about specific subjects

I have jotted down some websites related to specific subjects such as art, science, and philosophy.


  1.  WikiArt

An encyclopedia for users to edit visual art.

  1.  Art History Resources 

A great source of art and history.

Science discoveries updates

  1.  Science Daily  

This site informs you about the scientific news and discoveries of science.

  1.  How Stuff Works 

On this site, facts related to earth, science, life science, and other miracles of the physical world are explained in detail with colorful illustrations.


  1.  Scitable 

This website will serve as a classroom that covers all science topics and acts as a personal learning and development tool.

History Topics

  1. History.com 

A great collection of historical information about the speeches made in the past and also facts referring to this day.

  1.  Stuff You Missed in History Class 

It enables you to study the countless historical events that happened in the past.


  1. Plato.Stanford.edu 

 Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars worldwide in philosophy and related disciplines.

Current affairs

  1. Pak affairs.pk

This website provides you latest news regularly and current affairs. It gives news related to sports and businesses too.

  1. Pakmcqs.com

This is the top website in Pakistan that will prepare you to take an online general knowledge quiz. It provides MCQs in a simple format covering all the subjects. It also allows you to submit your online quiz test and check its result. Recently, it launched its app on the play store by PAKMCQS QUIZ.


Basic general knowledge
  1. World GK

A user-friendly app with a beautiful interface that regularly updates you with current affairs. It gives the information in multiple-choice questions, which is helpful in competitive exams.

All of these websites have a wealth of general knowledge. They will not only enable you to broaden your basic knowledge skills. But, they will also prepare you to get through any general knowledge online quiz test that is required for your career, or you opt to win a reward.

Children can easily access these websites to participate in any discussion that will pay high dividends in every stage of their life.

Take a good tour of all the websites mentioned earlier to improve your general knowledge. Prepare yourself to take an online quiz test on a quiz community i-e Quiztainment. Here you will get a chance to play an online general knowledge quiz, improve your knowledge in an entertaining way, and win exciting gifts. Quiztainment is for everyone who wants to have a good learning experience in a short period and earn something valuable in return. 

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